Suck At Playing Poker Games? Go From Meh To Amazing!

Suck At Playing Poker Games? Go From Meh To Amazing!

Tired of losing in poker games? Find out how you can stop this streak of bad luck and start winning more chips!

Most poker games players struggle to turn a
profit at the table on a regular basis. If you find yourself somewhere around
breaking even at the poker tables, just know that you are not alone. Sometimes
to turn your games around, all you have to do is make few strategy adjustments
that will take your game from mediocre to amazing. Check out these tips on how
to take your poker games from break-even to crushing it.

Your Favorite Hand

Are you holding on to a favorite hand you
have been using for quite some time now? There is nothing wrong with having a
favorite hand. All you have to do is make sure that you don’t make bad plays
with it and give it a preferential treatment. To win poker, you have to use
cold hard logic and math. Don’t treat your favorite hand as something you have
to do at every game, otherwise that is equivalent to relying on superstition to
win your games. Know when it is wise to play your favorite hand and in what
spots. However, if you insist on playing your favorite hand, make sure that you
always fold in an early position.

A Clear Reason

Do you have a clear reason why you are
losing at your poker games? Check to see if you have deviated from your regular
strategy. Some poker players, especially big-time winning poker players, break
from their successful strategies and sometimes break even for some reasons. If
you are an average player but you constantly find that you change your regular
strategy because you want to make something happen or just because you are
bored, that reasoning has to go.

Playing In Bad Games

Why do people play poker? Obviously to win.
In that case, in order to win you have to be careful who you are playing
against. If you are an average player, you can’t choose an opponent who is a
pro and expect to just win by luck. Unless you are looking for a mental
challenge, you need to find somebody at the table that plays very poorly. This
way you actually increase your chances of winning.

Thinking About Hands, Think About Ranges

To tell if a player is average or elite,
you need to find out what your opponent has. One mistake most players who are
advanced make when observing their opponents is that they try to put them on a
specific hand.  Processional poker
players on the other hand think in terms of ranges. When you think about your
opponents range that means that you need to figure out your opponent’s entire
spectrum of hands. Once you figure out their entire range of hands, figure out
their frequencies and then make the best play. Don’t rely on what your gut tells
you and avoid putting your opponent on a specific hand


As you can see, the only difference between
big-time winners and break-even players is strategy. You don’t have to be a pro
to start winning at higher clip. All you need to do is make a few adjustments
which you can learn over time.