Will Net-Neutrality Lag Affect Your Online Gaming Experience?

Will Net-Neutrality Lag Affect Your Online Gaming Experience?

Learn how the net-neutrality lag can affect your online gaming experience and what can be possibly done with this experience.

You are in the middle of an online game
when suddenly other gamers suddenly you have not been making a move anymore.
They start to be worried because the match is just intensifying and it seems
like you have been ‘dead’ for some time already. This can be because of
net-neutrality lag. Learn more about this and how it can affect online gaming
experience in the long run.

Has Been Happening with Online Gaming Over the Past Years?

Net neutrality might be repealed in the
years to come and this can definitely have an impact in the online gaming
world. In 2013, gamers have already experienced the slow-paced gaming
experience from the ISP Spectrum-Time Warner Cable because the promised
connection was not delivered to customers as advertised. This has caused delay
in being able to play online with other gamers. It was only after Riot Games,
the team behind League of Legends, paid a certain amount that the connection
became faster. This is a case when obviously the provider took advantage of the
situation. These bottlenecks in connections are deemed intentional and are
considered a deliberate attack on the pockets of game providers and gamers

to Expect?

In order to come up with a better solution
to this eventuality, Riot Direct was created by Riot Games. This service was
made to ensure that the fans of League of Legends will enjoy playing the game
with a faster connection. Other services have been coming out of nowhere to
provide a better solution to any other issues with net-neutrality lag.

Gamers are given the access to these
services on subscription basis. Examples of services where lower latency and
lesser lag together with a more reliable connection can be experienced are
Outfox from Golden Frog and Haste from Thalonet.

is Not All about the Money ISPs Say

Connection issues have always affected the
gaming experience of everyone who has been in the online gaming world.
Providers say that the issue is not all about squeezing money from their
customers. Analysis shows that the goals of ISPs are usually at odds to what
gamers demand from them. Providers are deemed concerned with how they can run
their traffic by correlating cost and effectiveness that is why they find it
unnecessary to strengthen the service they provide as long as the performance
is already good enough.

New Setup with Secondary Internet Services

Basically Outfox and Haste establish their
respective network infrastructures and decide whether they will own or rent one.
Proprietary network software will then be placed on top of these so that game
traffic routes are managed, monitored, and optimized in the most efficient way
possible. This will give you, online players the opportunity to get the best
connection times depending on network traffic and where you are located while
also paying attention to lesser jitters, pings, and lags. You can download the
software for these services and while you continue enjoying your game, the
software will calculate how you can enjoy the game at the quickest connection
speeds possible.